TOSS YOUR COOKIES: Girl Scouts Delete Post Praising Justice Barrett

Photo/Associated Press

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Before you order a batch of Girl Scout cookies – you might want to hear this item.

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The Girl Scouts of America deleted a social media post congratulating Justice Amy Barrett on her appointment to the Supreme Court.

The congratulatory note angered a number of leftists – triggered by an act of kindness and human decency.

Ayanna Pressley the congresswoman from Massachusetts was especially enraged – wondering what sort of merit badge does a scout earn for uplifting a woman who is the antithesis of justice.

In a follow up social media post the Girl Scouts said they were not political nor were they partisan. And I might add – not very nice.

It’s a sad thing that the Girl Scouts did – giving in to the cancel culture mob like that. It kinda makes you want to toss your cookies.

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