University Cancels Robert E. Lee’s Horse

Robert E. Lee’s horse has apparently triggered a woke mob at Washington and Lee University.

Traveller was the Confederate general’s beloved steed. The horse is buried on campus.

Now comes word that the university has decided to cancel Traveller. They’ve already removed two markers that had been erected in honor of the horse. One noted the final home of Traveller.

“Traveler was originally put down for untreatable tetanus but will now be put down again by equally untreatable cancel culture,” scholar Jonathan Turley said. “Traveller was originally put down for untreatable tetanus but will now be put down again by equally untreatable cancel culture.”

The horse’s gravesite was also desecrated.

Are you tired of the Cancel Culture mob?

The grave marker was replaced with one that omitted Robert E. Lee’s name along with the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Washington and Lee said they were trying to separate themselves from the Confederacy and the Lost Cause. Anybody want to tell them what the “Lee” in Washington and Lee stands for?

“Washington and Lee University is an educational institution. Its campus is neither a museum nor an appropriate repository for Confederate artifacts, and as such, the Board determined that a number of plaques on campus should be relocated to a museum to be appropriately interpreted,” the university said in a statement to The College Fix.

I wrote a book called “Culture Jihad” – I warned Americans that a radical mob that hates America was systematically erasing our history and our culture. And unless they are stopped – there won’t be a statue, monument or historic building left in the country.

I tried to warn folks – but it’s a lost cause like beating a dead horse.

You should really read “Culture Jihad.” Click here to get a copy.

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