VICTORY: Town Reverses Christmas Decoration Ban Under Threat of Lawsuit

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The first shot in the 2023 War on Christmas was fired in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, but it turned out to be a very short war thanks to a religious liberty law firm.

Here’s the back story:

A deputy administrator sent a letter to city workers telling them that Christmas decorations would need to be “inclusive and equitable.”

The letter states, in part: “In our ongoing efforts to foster a more equitable and inclusive community…we kindly ask that departments refrain from using religious decorations or [sic] solely associated with Christmas (such as red and green colors) when decorating public spaces within city buildings. Instead, we encourage you to opt for more neutral and inclusive decorations….”

The city then provided guidelines for workers to use when decoration for the yuletide season:

  1. Winter wonderland – snowflakes, snow people [sic], and other non-religious symbols associated with winter.
  2. Lights and greenery – festive lighting and greenery can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere without specific religious connotations.
  3. Northern lights – draw inspiration from the aurora borealis and incorporate colors like blue, green, and purple.” 

As I wrote in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” there is a war on Christianity in this nation. And it’s being waged in small towns across the fruited plain. Click here to read my book.

Instead of shoving the Baby Jesus into a closet, staffers exposed City Hall’s nefarious plans. And that’s when Liberty Counsel got involved.

They fired off a letter that all but guaranteed a lump of coal in the mayor’s Christmas stocking — pardon me – holiday sock.

“The Christmas holiday ban violates the U.S. Constitution by showing hostility toward Christianity. The First Amendment does not permit the City to eliminate Christmas holiday symbols or expression in a misguided attempt to be ‘inclusive’ by eliminating all traditional elements of expression regarding a federally and state recognized holiday,” Liberty Counsel wrote.

Wauwatosa officials immediately backtracked and gave the green light for staffers to decorate as they see fit.

City Hall now says staffers “are free to decorate in the manner they have historically decorated or alter their decorations to be more inclusive at their discretion.”

In other words, as the law requires, these employees can decorate as they wish without the threat of punishment. 

“The City of Wauwatosa has gladly retreated from its Orwellian and unconstitutional Christmas decoration ban after receiving our demand letter. Now the city employees can celebrate the Christmas holiday consistent with their faith and the law,” said Liberty Counsel Mat Staver.

Thank you, Liberty Counsel, and to all a good night!

Should government workers be allowed to display religious Christmas decorations?

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