Wisconsin Pastor Ordered to Step Down After Preaching Against Vaccine

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Cancel culture came for the pulpit on Sunday and now a Wisconsin congregation is without their pastor after he preached against the COVID-19 vaccine.  

The Rev. James Altman, a Catholic priest in Wisconsin, was asked to resign by church officials for preaching negative comments about the coronavirus vaccine, according to NBC News

The Rev. James Altman, who sparked controversy for criticizing his diocese for not conducting in-person mass services during the pandemic, announced the news during his sermon at Sunday mass, which was recorded and posted to YouTube.  

In his homily titled “I Am Not Afraid,” Altman said that the “left” was trying to cancel him after the Diocese of La Crosse Bishop Callahan called him “divisive and ineffective,” then asked him to resign as pastor.  

Unfortunately in our cancel culture, if the left whines, like they do, like a spoiled brat often enough, they succeed in canceling so many voices of truth,” the priest told parishioners. “And now that they are whining like, if I may say it, the pansy babies that they are, to cancel me.”   

Audible “no” sounds from the crowd can be heard during the video, the La Crosse Tribune reported.  


Altman intends to fight the bishop’s request to resign but told the congregation Sunday that Callahan could appoint a parish administrator while he remains “a pastor without duties until the appeal goes through Rome, which could take up to a year or more.” 

“Fr James Altman is in trouble for speaking the truth. I originally supported him when he spoke bold truth during the election,” Texas Bishop Strickland said in a tweet Monday. “I continue to support him for speaking the truth in Jesus Christ. He inspires many to keep the faith during these dark days. Let us pray for him.”  

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