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September 25, 2023
David McCallum, who portrayed a medical examiner on “NCIS,” died on Monday. He was 90. The famed British actor portrayed […]
September 21, 2023
“Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so,” quipped Elastigirl in Pixar’s “The Incredibles.”  That was […]
September 7, 2023
Snow White and Cinderella may be damaging your daughter’s self-esteem. That’s the findings from a new study by the University […]
August 26, 2023
Bob Barker, an affable fixture on U.S. television for half a century who hosted the popular game show “The Price […]
August 21, 2023
Fox News will not allow surrogates of former President Donald Trump into the spin room of Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, […]
August 15, 2023
Disney’s new live-action “Snow White” could ruin Disney, a branding expert warned after videos of the film’s lead actress surfaced […]
July 18, 2023
Country Music Television has removed Jason Aldean’s new anthem, ‘Try That in a Small Town’ after far left agitators complained […]
June 23, 2023
Taylor Sheridan, the creative force behind the hit TV series “Yellowstone,” said he pitched the show to cable giant HBO, […]
June 19, 2023
The following is a transcript of Todd’s daily commentary heard on hundreds of radio stations around the nation. Click here to […]
June 7, 2023
The next Miss California could be a mister. Monroe Lace is a man who identifies as a woman. In March […]