Conservative Millennial: Snowflakes Exist on Both Sides

"Snowflakes" - the overly sensitive millennials - exists on both sides of the political spectrum.

That's what The Blaze's Allie Stuckey conveyed during her "Millennial Moment" segment, also giving advice on how not to be a snowflake.

Stuckey says the label has nothing to do with politics, but rather your ability to have a conversation with someone who has "an opposing opinion without name-calling or personal insults."

Here are the ways the conservative millennial says you can tell if you are a snowflake:

  • If you want to shut down speech you don't like
  • If you think your own violence is justified
  • If you think your own sensationalized reporting is acceptable
  • If you resort to ad hominem anytime someone disagrees with you
  • If you're constantly casting yourself as a victim

On the flip side, Allie says "being angry about something, calling out actual injustice, or even being offended by something that is actually offensive doesn't mean you're a snowflake."

She adds, "That just means you're a sane human."

Here is the best way not to be a snowflake, according to Allie:

"Learn the ability to have an intellectual, intelligent conversation, admit when you're wrong, and hold fast to those things called principles."

Allie ends with good advice: check yourself before you wreck yourself, millennials.

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Watch the "Millennial Moment: Snowflake" below via The Blaze:

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