Join Todd Starnes and Provide Christmas for Angel Tree Kids!

By Jeremiah Poff

With the holiday season just around the corner, the mad rushes to buy gifts for loved ones and friends is about to begin, but one Christian group is working to give gifts to children that might not otherwise get any.

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James and Martha Ackerman of Prison Fellowship joined the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday to discuss Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program. The Angel Tree program works with imprisoned parents to get their children Christmas gifts that they otherwise would not get.

The program was started in 1982 by Mary Kay Beard, who was once on the FBI’s Most Wanted. After she was released from prison, Beard started Angel Tree after seeing how other inmates would send toothbrushes to their children so that they would have a Christmas gift.

The Ackermans told the Todd Starnes Show that last year, Prison Fellowship reached 292,000 children whose parents were currently imprisoned through the Angel Tree program. They encouraged listeners to get involved with Angel Tree by visiting the Prison Fellowship website, and going to their pastors and tell them “I’d like to take on some Angel Tree kids.”

Prison Fellowship visits numerous inmates across the country during the summer to find out what the parents want to give to their children. On the form they fill out inmates include a personalized note to their child.

The gifts that Angel Tree kids receive, are often the only gifts they receive. It is also very humbling for the imprisoned parents that a complete stranger would go out of their way to take care of their child.

The Ackermans encouraged those interested in contributing to Angel Tree to make it a family affair. Noting that it is a “great opportunity for parents to teach their kids that it is better to give than receive.” The Ackermans said that this is something they do with their own kids every year calling them “very adventurous.”

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