Todd Starnes Show Recap - Aug 23

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said her “skin crawled” during last year’s second presidential debate, a reaction to Donald Trump standing ominously near her as she delivered answers before a national audience. In an excerpt from her forthcoming book on the 2016 race, Clinton recalled Trump’s uncomfortably close positioning on stage during the town hall-style debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

Audio from Hillary's new book:

Janice Dean, senior meteorologist for Fox NewsChannel stops by to tell us about her latest book "Freddy the Frogcaster & the Flash Flood" -- you can order your copy here!


1:51 PM Breaking News in the Coach Joe Kennedy case -- Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute: 

"The Ninth circuit court of appeals has just rejected Coach Joe Kennedy's request" to have a silent prayer on the field. Coaches will no longer be able to pray in public, according to the Ninth circuit court of appeals. "This is deeply disappointing to us," Dys said. "If they close their eyes too long" and someone thinks they're praying, is that unconstitutional according to this verdict.


Judge: District does not have to rehire praying coach

1:35 PM Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union:

Schlapp talked about how CNN ignored Trump's written statements before his public comments on Chralottesville. Schlapp took Sen. Jeff Flake to task for writing a book against Trump and changing with the political landscape in Arizona. He added that Republicans say they're for a bold agenda, but when it comes times to walk it out, they back off.

ESPN is defending its decision to dump a college football announcer because his name is Robert Lee. Clay Travis, the journalist who broke the story joins Todd. Call 888 788 9910 to voice your opinion.

1:10 PM Clay Travis, journalist for Fox Sports:

"I assumed I was being pranked," Travis said of the story, but as he kept digging, the more he realized the story was true. Travis adds there are 11,000 people with the name Robert Lee. This all ties in with what Travis calls MSESPN liberal mindset.

Here is the Travis's column: MSESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVa Game To Avoid Offending Idiots


CNN and MSNBC say President Trump is mentally unstable, unhinged and unfit to serve as president. Do you agree or disagree? Call Todd right now to weigh in 888 788 9910.


Tony Shaffer, NYTs bestselling author, former Intel Operative & Vice President, London Center for Policy Research:

"He will say or do anything to prop up James Clapper as a brand...attempt to be in with the cool put forth a narrative," Shaffer said of Clapper's calling Trump "unfit" on CNN. "He's supposed to bring quote unquote credibility to the narrative. He's a trainwreck of a man, and yet, somehow the mainstream media finds credibility in him," Shaffer said. He will compromise integrity to forward a political narrative. James Clapper "is a poster child for the deep state."

12:05 PM Todd Starnes Monologue: Donald Trump Triggered the Mainstream Media Last Night: