LIVE BLOG: Todd Starnes Show - Nov 14



2:05pm – Some Citizen! On Monday, GQ magazine released its special issue naming former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year.” The controversial figure in sports, and the magazine, received a lot of backlash, including a string of tweets from former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. "I see that magazine cover and I think if we want to go with a football player, Houston Texans' JJ Watt raised $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief. Why is he not the citizen of the year," she told Fox News' Neil Cavuto Monday night. 

2:30pm- Tis The Season! Would you give up the holiday gift-giving tradition this year if your friends and family agreed to it? According to a new Harris Poll survey on behalf of SunTrust, 69 percent of Americans said they would. The poll, conducted online within the U.S. between Oct. 3-5, includes responses from 2,185 American adults ages 18 and older, 1,986 of whom said they spend money on something related to the holidays. Forty-three percent of respondents said they feel pressured to buy gifts and spend more money than they can afford. With the extra time and money saved by eliminating gift-giving, 60 percent of Americans said they’d spend more time with loved ones, 47 percent would save money or invest it, 37 percent would pay down debt and 25 percent said they would use the money on activities with friends and family. Question: Do you still like to give gifts during the Holiday Season? 888-788-9910



1:05pm- Republicans Turning? Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says he would rather see a Democrat win Alabama’s open Senate seat than accused teen groper Roy Moore — and compared the GOP candidate to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. “If the choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, if I were in Alabama I’d vote for the Democrat,” the Arizona senato, who recently announced he would not seek reelection, said Monday. “There was a time when Republican senators would go and campaign for a Democrat rather than seat a Republican who would be so repugnant to the party and would diminish the party’s chances in the future. That happened in the ’90s in Louisiana with David Duke.”Guest: Steve Deace, CRTV Host

1:50pm- White Florida Man Says He Now Identifies As Filipino (Audio)



12:05pm- Gotta Go? DC Republicans are ramping up the pressure to get Roy Moore out of the Alabama Senate race. But the more they insist, the more he resists. The chorus to get Moore to quit grew even louder after a fifth woman came forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct. Beverly Young Nelson said Moore sexually assaulted her back in the 1970s, when she just 16 years old. At a news conference, Nelson displayed an inscription in her yearbook that she says Moore wrote, and she said she's willing to testify under oath about her claims. Moore called her allegations "absolutely false" and said he doesn't know her.  

Question: If Roy Moore has proof this is all false then where is it? Do you still support Judge Moore? 888-788-9910

12:20pm- Relief Soon? The House of Representatives is expected to vote this week on a major tax reform bill, a top GOP policy goal that lawmakers say is a must-pass after they failed to repeal and replace Obamacare and are now a year ahead of the 2018 midterms with little to show for total control of Congress. Republican leaders in both Congress and the administration argue that middle class workers will all see tax relief, but Democrats argue the proposal is too tilted toward wealthy Americans. Congress hasn't been able to move any significant changes to the tax code in more than 30 years. Guest: Mick Mulvaney , White House Office of Management and Budget Director

12:50pm- A Florida man says he can't live without his emotional support squirrel, but his condo association says the animal has to go


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