Reporter Rescues American Flag from Hurricane Harvey Rubble

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Paul Goodloe, a veteran meteorologist for The Weather Channel, was broadcasting from Rockport, Texas when he saw something buried in the rubble -- an American flag. 

Goodloe interrupted his national broadcast to tend to the battered flag -- found in front of the badly damaged high school. 

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"I can't let Old Glory just sit here like that," the meteorologist told viewers. "Make sure this is not a casualty to Hurricane Harvey."

Mr. Goodloe put down the microphone and asked a member of the crew to help him as he folded the red, white and blue. 

It was a deeply moving and patriotic moment in the midst of what has been a very terrible disaster for the state of Texas.

"It's not a perfect fold, but definitely a rescue from Hurricane Harvey here in Rockport," Mr. Goodloe said. 

It was just fine, sir. Just fine. God speed. 

Todd Starnes4 Comments