5th Graders Assigned ‘Save Us, Dear Vaccine’ Poem

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Leaked images from a 5th grade classroom in Massachusetts reveal an assignment to write a poem about the coronavirus vaccine.

The assignment is from A Global Vaccine Poem and is basically a love letter to the vaccine. The website instructs individuals not to “worry about rhyming, don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Simply share your thoughts.”

The original poem, “Dear Vaccine” by Naomi Shihab Nye, serves as the inspiration for students to derive from. Part of the poem even pleads “Vaccine, please make the air clean!”

Save us, dear vaccine.

Take us seriously.

We had plans.

We were going places.

Children in kindergarten.

So many voices, in chorus.

Give us our world again!

“It won’t be long until they force the kids to sing praise and worship songs about Dr. Fauci,” national radio Todd Starnes said.

Children as young as 12 can get the coronavirus vaccine, according to the CDC. However, several teachers unions are pushing for most students to be vaccinated before resuming in-person learning.

But age and vaccine skepticism isn’t stopping some educators and teacher’s unions from shoving vaccine obsession down kids’ throats.