Appliance Stores Padlocked in Denver After Government Declared Businesses Nonessential

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck blasted the state’s decision to padlock a popular store that sold appliances.

“They weren’t just shut down. They had the doors chained shut by the government,” Buck said during an appearance on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “This is really scary.”

Government officials padlocked the doors of Appliance Factory stores across Denver after declaring the business was nonessential.

“We will counter in court and get to the bottom of why Gov. Polis does not want the people of Colorado to buy appliances in this crisis,” the company said in a statement to NBC News in Denver. “Every other state specifically allows appliances to be sold so people don’t get sick at home or spread the virus further.”

Rep. Buck told Starnes that if he is very concerned about state and local governments using emergency powers to crack down on constitutional rights.

“It is insane and it’s scary,” he said. “It’s scary the authority that we are giving government right now.”

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