California Mayor Threatens to Identify, Arrest and Prosecute Freedom Fighters

The mayor of a large city north of Los Angeles is warning American citizens who are calling for mandatory quarantines to be lifted: do not mess with us.

Rex Parrish, the mayor of Lancaster, California, said they were notified that a group was planning to protest in his city.

“Make no mistake people who deliberately violate the social distancing laws, and the laws requiring that we all wear a mask will be identified, arrested, and prosecuted,” the mayor wrote on Facebook.

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“Do not mess with us. You will not endanger the lives of our hardworking families because of some misguided civil liberties argument,” he continued.

Hundreds of people responded to the mayor’s post — many outraged over his threats.

“Protest if it makes you feel better. Just keep six feet apart and keep your mask on,” the mayor replied to one critic.

He also issued an ominous warning to those who might ignore his directive.

“The quote is: Give me Liberty or Give me Death. Being arrested and locked up in an over crowded jail just might result in granting you your wish,” he said.