CBS Reporter Urges Citizens to Call 9-1-1 to Report ‘Unmasked’ Ice Cream Truck Driver

It really takes a low life to call the police on an ice cream truck driver, but that’s the America we live in now thanks to Democrats and Big Media.

Brad Edwards, a journalist for the CBS affiliate in Chicago, became infuriated after he discovered the guy driving an ice cream truck through the neighborhood was not wearing a mask.

“That iconic music screams summer, and we all scream for ice cream, but during the pandemic… getting close to the ice cream man could mean getting something else. Fact of life, yet here is Mr. Freeze – not his name – in his truck of treats, unmasked, ungloved, taking cash for cones,” Edwards said.

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The television station broadcast a lengthy expose on the driver – accusing the poor guy of endangering children.

“You think it’s a good idea to be doing this with the stay-at-home order,” another staffer asked the driver.

The ice cream man responded, “Why are you trying to take ice cream out of the hands of children?”

“No gloves? No Mask? No problem. This ice cream man is not only ignoring COVID-19 protocol, but he’s breaking the law,” Edwards wrote on Twitter. “Such trucks are forbidden Hoffman Estates. The Village Manager says if you see him, call 9-1-1.”

I believe that reporter meets the Old Testament definition of a “braying ass.”