Chris Wallace (D-FOX) Rips Trump for Not Wearing Mask

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Fox News Channel host Chris Wallace, the registered Democrat, spent much of his Sunday morning program blasting former President Trump’s handling of the China Virus pandemic.

“We could go on on this and the fact that the president refused to wear a mask in public for over three months after the CDC recommended it,” Wallace told Corey Lewandowski.

Wallace, who has been diagnosed with a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome,

“At least two months after Donald Trump was warned by his own national security adviser that this was going to be the greatest threat of his presidency and proceeded to play it down — as late as March 27th of last year, Donald Trump was still praising [Chinese President Xi Jinping] and still talking about how cooperative he was,” he said.

The fact is President Trump was incredibly tough on China and implemented travel restrictions when Democrats and the Drive-by Media were critical.

“Again, if he was so concerned about the Wuhan lab,” Wallace asked, “if he wanted he had the opportunity as president, why didn’t he get tough with China then when he had the opportunity?”

“We were listening to what the media has defined as the experts and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci specifically,” Lewandowski replied.

“Come on, Corey!” Wallace interrupted. “Corey! Corey! Corey! Wait a minute! You’re telling me that the president — you’re going to blame the president’s inaction on Dr. Fauci?”