COVID-19 Cases are Down 59% In South Dakota. So Why are Democrats Freaking Out?

Governor Kristi Noem took to Twitter yesterday with the news that COVID-19 cases have gone down 59% since their largest spike in November.

That spike, however, is only around the 1,800 mark according to the graph Governor Noem posted in her tweet.

The governor of South Dakota wrote, “[w]e’re not out of the woods yet, but we’ll continue fighting this virus, TOGETHER.”

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At the very beginning of the pandemic, the state of South Dakota never completely shutdown. Businesses and churches were allowed to stay open and could close down if they felt necessary.

In an FAQ segment in South Dakota’s Back-to-Normal Plan, one question asked what churches are supposed to do. The response was “they are encouraged to consider the guidelines for “public gatherings” and to consider steps to maintain reasonable physical distancing.”

Many of the guidelines that have been administered aren’t even required. Another FAQ asked if wearing a mask was required and the response was “[m]asks have never been required, but South Dakotans are encouraged to continue to consider CDC guidance and use.”

What an idea that is. Providing people with information and letting them make their own choices.