DISTURBING VIDEO: Cops Harass Mom For Letting Her Daughter Play at Neighbor’s House

A Wisconsin mother who allowed her daughter to play at a neighbor’s house was harassed and threatened by law enforcement officers who were literally wearing brown shirts.

Amy Aries turned on the video camera when the officers showed up at her home in Calumet County. She told PJ Media that her daughter was at the babysitter’s house .

The video shows one of the officers asking if Ms. Aries was aware of the county’s stay-at-home order.

After acknowledging that she was aware, she inquired as to why the were at her home.

“Do you need me to explain it to you,” the officer asked sarcastically.

Why are you here, she asked.

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“Because your daughter is going to play at other people’s home and you’re allowing it to happen,” the deputy explained, adding, “Stop having your kid go by other people’s home!”

Another brown-shirted officer demanded that she provide her name and middle initial so she could be added to some sort of database. However, Ms. Aries refused to provide the information.

The deputy told Ms. Aries that she had violated an order and it would be documented that she “was uncooperative.”

The sheriff’s office released a rambling statement explaining the actions of their officers — and folks — I’m just not buying what law enforcement is selling. That being said — here’s the department’s statement in its entirety:

There’s a video circulating on social media showing two of our deputies trying to talk to a female about her daughter being at a neighbor’s residence. What the video does not show you is that this is the fifth contact we’ve had with this female within the recent weeks.

It’s impossible to report everything we do on a daily basis or to reply to every comment or video made about us on social media. We are, however, a transparent agency and will always be open to sharing the facts.

The following are the rest of the facts to that video:

During the first two contacts, this female called our department (twice on the same day, within hours of each other) asking us to help find her runaway son. Both times, deputies found the son at the neighbor’s mobile home and sent him home. The third contact involved this female being stopped for speeding. The fourth time, a deputy was at the same neighbor’s mobile home again looking for a different runaway. The female’s young daughter was there and she was sent home.

Lastly, there was a recent disturbance at the neighbor’s mobile home and again the deputy found the female’s young daughter there and sent her home. This prompted the woman to come back and interfere while the deputy was trying to calm the disturbance at the neighbor’s mobile home. After calming the disturbance, the deputies then made contact with the female where she continued to argue with the deputies about sending her daughter home.

In summary, the same neighboring mobile home that this female wanted us to retrieve her son from on two separate occasions was the same mobile home she was allowing her daughter to be at.

Our deputies wear many “hats” on a daily basis, such as being an investigator, enforcer, peace maker, counselor, and even parent, to name a few. Our deputies have a tough job and sometimes they have to wear many “hats” during the same call. The above is just one example.

Most people are adhering to the Safer at Home order, and we have received very few complaints from the public. Our deputies are out there to help educate, not arrest, law abiding citizens.

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