Second Grader, Hit with 36-Day Suspension for Not Wearing Mask, Goes Off on ‘Bully’ School Board

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One Florida second grader is facing harsh consequences for saying “no” to wearing a mask in school.  

Fiona, an 8-year-old student at Palm Beach County School, has been suspended for 36 days and will most likely have to repeat the second grade for refusing to comply with the school’s mask policy, according to The Free Press.  

The youngster, who was featured on Fox News alongside Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) when he signed an executive order making makss optional in the Sunshine State, accused the board and Superintendent Mike Burke of buylling.

“You, the school board, are being a bully to me,” she said at the Oct. 20 meeting. “I’m still going to stand up for what I believe in and do the right thing for all the kids, not just myself. I hope you all go to jail for doing this to me. My family is proud of me. Mr. Burke, I want to say you suck, but instead, your actions suck.”

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Her mom, Baily Lashlells, told the Tampa publication Fiona is a child who loves arts, crafts and getting to be a fun-loving kid.  

Lashlells said despite Fiona completing her assigned homework, she was told by teachers: ‘[Fiona] is not only failing second grade but there is no way she could catch up.”