Fox News: Most Americans Support Mandatory Masks, Vaccine Passports

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Most Americans allegedly support the mandatory mask policies in private schools and businesses, according to a controversial new survey conducted by Fox News Channel.

Fox News also says most Americans support showing vaccine papers to attend concerts, sporting events and to dine in restaurants.

A whopping 69 percent say masks actually help reduce the spread of the virus — a claim that has absolutely no scientific backing.

Fifty-four percent favor cities and towns requiring proof of vaccination to participate in indoor activities, up from 50 percent last month.

The new survey, released Sunday, finds two-thirds believe schools should require masks of teachers and students (67 percent), and businesses should do the same with employees and customers (66 percent).

Fox News Channel also said that most of the people they surveyed believe President Biden is doing a terrific job handling the China virus crisis.

“Biden’s strongest issue remains coronavirus with 55 percent approving of his handling of the pandemic, relatively unchanged from August when 54 percent approved, but down from a high of 64 percent in May and June,” Fox reported.

Fox News Channel’s polling department has a dubious history of releasing surveys that typically skew to the left.