Brazile went so far as to suggest that Americans who would like to dine in a restaurant are putting lives in danger.

“Meanwhile, the protesters don’t seem willing to put off a haircut, a manicure, a restaurant meal or even getting a tattoo in order to save lives,” she wrote on

Ms. Brazile, who earned national scorn after she leaked town hall topics to the Clinton campaign, accused the protesters of “foolishly” disregarding their own safety.”

“The protesters don’t seem to understand that the state government orders requiring us to stay at home except for limited activities – like shopping for food or medicine, or getting medical care, or performing essential jobs – are protecting the health and lives of us all, including the protesters and their families<‘ she wrote.

“These protests are deliberately fomented by powerful interests for nakedly political reasons,” she wrote in the lengthy diatribe published on

“These attempts to cynically appeal to the worst of us are bound to fail. They will fail strategically in the sense that they will harm efforts to contain the coronavirus,” she wrote. “They will fail politically by inciting the clear majority of Americans to reject their selfish premises. And most sadly, they will fail morally by besmirching what it means to be an American at a time of national crisis.”