Hillary Clinton: Coronavirus “Would Be a Terrible Crisis to Waste”

I’ve been telling listeners on my daily radio show that the greater threat facing our nation is not the Chinese virus, but it’s morally bankrupt Democrats who would use the national emergency as an opportunity to score political points.

Hillary Clinton admitted as much during a town hall meeting with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“This would be a terrible crisis to waste as the old saying goes,” Mrs. Bill Clinton said.

She called for Democrats to take advantage of the crisis by embracing “health justice” and “economic justice.”

Now, I hope you understand why Democrat governors are so reluctant to re-open their states for commerce.

They believe that massive unemployment coupled with the destruction of the economy would usher in a Democrat president. And they don’t seem to care how much suffering their politics might cause the American people.

We are dealing with great evil, ladies and gentlemen.

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