“How Many Deaths are Acceptable?” WH Reporter to President Trump

The White House Correspondents Association is a steaming pile of fertilizer.

These people are not journalists. They are a bunch of leftist hacks who spend every waking hour of the day trying to politically lynch our president.

Their behavior is repulsive.

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But today – an unnamed journalist plunged into uncharted territory with a horrific question about the coronavirus death toll.

“How many deaths are acceptable,” the reporter asked the president.

President Trump, clearly exasperated and disgusted, replied, “none.”

“How many deaths are acceptable to me? None,” the president said. “None – if that’s your question.”

God has truly blessed our president with the patience of Job.

That reporter is a human pile of garbage who should be publicly shamed, shunned and physically kicked out of the White House.

The leader of the free world should not have to put up with a bunch of braying jackasses with microphones.