Hundreds Rally for Idaho Mom Arrested at Playground Protest

Dozens of enraged parents shouted and turned on their video cameras as police arrested a mom who refused to leave a crowded public park.

Sara Brady, 40, was allegedly captured on video telling an officer to arrest her as she participated in a smaller planned protest at the park.

“Arrest me for being difficult. Do it! Record it!,” she was allegedly heard saying. Police gave her a count of five to leave, according to Boise’s KTVB.

Police in Meridian, Idaho reportedly told the mother she was being charged with trespassing. The video of the incident is stunning, folks.

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A group of moms decided to meet at the park to enjoy the weather with their children. Within a half hour three police officers showed up and kicked everyone off the playground, according to one of the videographers.

“You have the right to go to Walmart but not the public park,” one protester said.

“This has nothing to do with the Constitution,” a police officer told other moms. “There are limits to freedom of speech.”

The constitution doesn’t necessarily apply to city property, the officer told the ladies.

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