Los Angeles Preparing to Extend Stay-at-Home Orders for 3 Months

Goodbye summer.

Los Angeles County will “with all certainty” extend its stay-at-home orders for the next three months, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Our hope is that by using the data, we’d be able to slowly lift restrictions over the next three months,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said.

When beaches reopen on Wednesday, how people can use the sand will look different. Face coverings will be required when not in the water, and sunbathing won’t be allowed,” the newspaper reported. Only active recreation — surfing, running, walking and swimming — will be permitted.

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The LA Times reports that coolers, chairs, umbrellas and any of the other accessories that typically dot the shoreline should be left at home.

“We’re gonna have to watch the numbers really, really closely,” Ferrer said. “If the numbers are really distressing, we might have to implement some restrictions again.”

Some of our fellow countrymen may need to consider the possibility that they may never regain all of their freedom.