Baseball Announcer Uses Face Mask to Virtue Signal

“I’ll take my mask off when…” Twins baseball announcer Dick Bremer tweeted

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Longtime Minnesota Twins’ TV announcer Dick Bremer responded to a fan’s anti-mask tweet Thursday.

Bremer was criticized for wearing a mask on air while calling the Twins’ spring training game against the Boston Red Sox.

“Take your mask off Mr. Bremer,” a user said in a since-deleted tweet. “This garbage only ends when ordinary people decide we’ve had enough. Starts with you and I. Go Twins!”

The Fox Sports North announcer who has been calling Twins games since 1983 fired back.

“I’ll take my mask off when everyone who wants a vaccine gets one,” Bremer said in his tweet.

“Then, I’ll be able to look into the eyes of the thousands who’ve lost loved ones and tell them I did everything I could. Go Twins!” he added.

His bio on Twitter simply reads: “The Masked Sports Announcer.”