NYC DISGUST: Mom Arrested After Confrontation With Police over Face Mask

A New York City woman was arrested and charged with a number of crimes after she was stopped by police for improperly wearing a face mask.

Police say they stopped Kaleemah Rozier and her young child inside a Brooklyn subway station on Wednesday. The officers were assigned to enforce an order requiring citizens to wear face masks in public.

“She responded to the officers with vulgar language and repeatedly refused requests to properly wear her face covering over her nose and mouth,” the NYPD told NBCNews.

Rozier can be heard yelling and cursing at the officers in the video as she was being escorted out of the subway station, NBC reports.

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She and some of the officers were off-camera when she screamed, “Don’t touch me.”

“The video then showed Rozier slapping away one of the officers’ hands, and that’s when officers moved in, took her to the ground and placed her in handcuffs,” they reported.

The NYPD said the officers acted “appropriately and with respect.”