Tennessee Doctor Says Coronavirus Numbers are Not Adding Up

A well-known and well-respected medical doctor in Tennessee says the CDC’s Coronavirus death totals are not adding up.

Dr. Jimmy Hoppers, the owner of Physicians Quality Care, was a guest on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

He said that based on mortality rates over the past fives years — fewer people have actually died in 2020.

Listen to our jaw-dropping interview above.

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Reuters fact-checked those claims and here’s what they reported:

The image is titled “US deaths per year” and features figures said to be the number of annual deaths since 2015 (here). These are: 2015 (2,712,630), 2016 (2,744,248), 2017 (2,813,503), 2018 (2,839,205), 2019 (2,900,689). For 2020, the image says it has taken data up to Nov. 16 and lists 2,487,350 total deaths. It then makes a whole-year projection of 2,818,527.

This table of numbers has since been shared across social media claiming to be proof that the US death tally in 2020 is on par with other years – even with the emergence of COVID-19. But this is not an accurate assumption as it uses a misguided understanding of available data. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has, in fact, estimated hundreds of thousands of excess deaths in 2020 (here).”