Walmart, Disney Join Growing List of Companies Requiring Proof of Vaccination

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COVID-19 vaccines: Coming to a corporation near you.  

From Walmart to Disney, more and more companies are mandating their employees get the COVID-19 vaccine. The mandates come as President Joe Biden announced a federal vaccine requirement: all federal employees and contractors are vaccinated or submit to regular testing, CNN Business reported.   

“The great thing about America is that businesses are free to dictate their policies without fear of government intervention,” said nationally-syndicated talk show host Todd Starnes. “Likewise, consumers are free to shop at stores that do not pry into their private medical history.”

Here is a list of companies requiring employees to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.  






Morgan Stanley  

Sax Fifth Avenue  

The Washington Post  




Goldman Sachs  

Click here for details on each companies vaccine mandate.