Why Wasn’t Dr. Fauci Wearing a Mask at the Baseball Game?

Why wasn’t Dr. Anthony Fauci wearing a face mask at the Washington Nationals baseball game Thursday night?

That’s the question a lot of Americans have been asking – wondering if there’s a double standard when it comes to who has to wear a face burka and who doesn’t.

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After Fauci had thrown out the Opening Day pitch he was invited to watch the game in the stands — something the average baseball fan is no longer permitted to do.

Associated Press photographer Alex Brandon captured an image of Fauci sitting in the stands with two other people. He was not wearing a mask and he was not social distancing.

Not only was Dr. Fauci violating his own protocols, but he was also breaking the law.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser enacted a strict mask ordinance requiring people over the age of two to wear a face burka in public.

We will let you know if Dr. Fauci was fined $1,000.