3rd Grade Teacher: ‘Kill Your Local Police Chief’

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A third-grade teacher in California has a history of violent, far-left posts, including calling for his followers to kill law enforcement on social media.

Hayden Eller, an AIMS College Prep Elementary School teacher in Oakland, also shared selfies online with the young kids in the background, reports conservative activist Tayler Hansen.

“Kill your local police chief,” the teacher tweeted from a since-deleted account (@burtbothain) Thursday, also asking, “Are we ready to kill + eat the rich yet? Please?”

He also tweeted: “F— Joe Biden, f— this two party system, let it burn, the U.S. shouldn’t be a country anymore.”

The Post Millennial reports that Eller said he suffers from schizophrenic tendencies and has since been removed from the school’s website as a teacher.

Hansen shared screenshots of Eller’s anti-Ashli Babbitt tweets, saying ‘f–‘ anti-vaxxers, and using several profane remarks referencing genitals.

National radio host Todd Starnes weighed in on the disturbing report Monday, calling it the new norm in America.

“This is why so many moms and dads are reexamining how they educate their kids,” he said on the Todd Starnes Show. “They’re getting their kids out of the public education, putting them in good Christian schools or homeschooling them.”