4-Year-Old Punched in Head in Times Square By Violent Career Criminal, Child’s Mother Beats Up Suspect

The mother of a four-year-old chased down a violent criminal who sucker punched her son in the head in the middle of Times Square. Watch video of the attack below.


“I was angry. I sprung into action,” Rafaela Rivera, 42, told The New York Post on Saturday. “The mama bear in me came out. I did what any mama would do. I see my baby crying, it was like why you hit a 4-year-old?”

A New York City Police Department (NYPD) spokesman told WNBC that Mbaye has 40 prior arrests. His record, which dates back to 2009, includes arrests for criminal possession of a weapon, assault, driving while intoxicated, and menacing, sources told the Post.

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Additionally, he has 16 misdemeanor convictions on his record, prosecutors said.

“He was walking close to people moving and swinging his arm. I started watching him to see if he’d do anything,” Carmen said.

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Then, she said, the man swung his arm, hitting Angel in the face, causing him to fall backwards onto the pavement.

“It sounded like a smack real hard and I turned around and then my baby is crying,” said Rivera, who was a few inches in front of her kids. “I said, ‘What the heck?’ My daughter said, ‘Mommy he just hit him’.”

 “I went to grab him, ‘Hey you just hit my son.’ I grabbed him from the back and I gave him like a big bear hug and then I fell to the ground with him. He was moving around,” Rivera said.

“He was trying to get away. I said I’m not going to let go, you are not going to get away, I’m going to let the cops get you for hitting my 4-year-old son,” she recalled.

Police had to pull the boy’s mom off the suspect and took the thug into custody.

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