Rashida Tlaib is ‘Arab Nazi,’ says Florida Congressman

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) called Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) an “Arab Nazi” during an interview on the Todd Starnes Show podcast. Read a rush transcript below or listen to the free podcast interview above. And click here to sign up for Todd’s daily newsletter.

TODD: [01:45:14] Congressman, there are all these massive protests, but there are more Palestinian flags flying in Dearborn, Michigan, right now than American flags. Nobody’s condemning the slaughter of these children, the burning alive of the children, the beheading of the babies. A Fox reporter could not even get Rashida Tlaib to say something, a word of condemnation over something like chopping the head off of a baby. I mean, this is some pretty evil stuff we’re seeing from the other side.

REP. MAST: [01:45:45] I thought the immediate analogy that should be drawn is Arab Nazis. I’ve said this over and over. There’s not a difference. And everybody would unify around the idea if we were facing a Hitler Nazi regime right now, to unify around, destroy every last grain of that and rightfully unify against that. But when it comes to Palestinian Nazis, somehow they see the world very wrongly, but clearly differently.

TODD: [01:46:15] Would Tlaib be one of these Arab Nazis you’re talking about?

REP. MAST: [01:46:20] Yes, absolutely. As a sympathizer to Palestinians that are literally decapitating babies, decapitating police officers with the swings of a garden hoe, taking our fellow Americans hostage or killing our fellow Americans. I did an interview with a friend of mine. He’s the consul general to Israel. And I said, you know, listen, you can believe that this was well-planned and well executed and somebody in the room in the planning stages said, well, if we’re going to attack this country, what if there’s Americans or Europeans or Asians or somebody else? That’s not just the local Israelis at this place. And you can guarantee that whoever it was in that room that heard that said probably stuff and stood up and said, good, you know, the more Americans, the better Jews from anywhere. We’re happy to see them killed. That’s the level of hatred that we’re dealing with here. And and they are again, I’ll say it again, they’re Arab Nazis. Let me say one more thing on this. The loudest thing that I heard on all of this was not gunfire. It was it was not gunfire. It was not explosions. It was the yelling of Allah Akbar. In all of these videos, these individuals believe that they were willed by God to be doing the the mass murder that they were doing.

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