American Library Association Run by ‘Bunch of Marxists,’ says Rep. Mark Green

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the American Library Association is run “by a bunch of Marxists.”

“The American Library Association is run by a bunch of Marxists who want to poison our children with pornography,” Green told Starnes. Listen to the full interview above and click here to pre-order Todd’s new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?”

Following, is a rush transcript of the conversation:

TODD: [01:47:21] All right. Congressman Mark Green on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. Congressman, you have reintroduced some legislation that would address this obscene material in classrooms and libraries. Let’s talk about that.

REP. GREEN [01:47:36] You know, I’m excited about this because there’s one – an incredible need. The American Library Association is run by a bunch of Marxists who want to poison our children with pornography. They’re pushing this to libraries, and the books are showing up in Tennessee, and they clearly meet the standards for obscene material that our state has established.

So we wrote a bill. And as you know, Todd, I’m a big Constitution guy. So, I like the separation between the federal government and the state government. My goal was to write a bill that left the states in charge. But basically where the federal government spends money. I want to control that.

So, you know, ultimately, I’d love to see the federal Department of Education undone. We don’t need a federal Department of Education. But while we have it and while we’re writing checks, we should not send any money to a school system with violating its own state obscene obscenity laws and pornography laws.

So we’re letting the states sort of set the standard, but we’re going to pull the federal dollars if you’re violating your state’s standards. And I thought that was the best way to be as federalist as possible.

TODD: [01:49:06] Well, I’m a big fan of this. And, you know, we were were talking about it earlier in the program. There’s a school district in Virginia that the school said, moms, dad, you have no right to know what we’re teaching your preschoolers. And they went to court and a judge agreed and said, parents do not have that right. So I think at some point we’re going to need some commonsense legislation to protect these kids in the classroom and really restore the rights of moms and dads.

REP. GREEN: [01:49:38] You know, the fact that a court would rule that state obscenity laws can be violated for for this purpose is just incredibly and I mean, it’s just unbelievable. I can’t imagine on appeal that that wins at the Supreme Court and hopefully the schools, the parents will appeal this thing and we can get them some assistance to do that. But the judges are it really depends on which president puts the judges in these days. You know, the ideology in our in our two parties are so divergent now and we just have to push back because these are the youngest, the most precious. We have to protect them.

And this stuff is obscene. I mean, the fact that at the Pride parade in New York City, you know, you got four or five men walking down the street naked. That’s that’s an act of obscenity in front of children. And people did nothing. I mean, we we cannot accept this where where we’re going with this is poison for the country.

TODD: [01:50:40] No doubt about it.

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