Anarchists Set Fire to Historic St. John’s Church Near White House


Historic St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. is burning at this hour. The “Church of the Presidents” was set on fire during violent protests directly across the street from the White House.

Fox News Channel’s Kevin Corke showed video of the fire on live national television. Flames were raging inside what is believed to be a church office.

“I don’t see any way for fire apparatus to get to the structure,” Corke said. “If you love this city – America’s city – this is a devastating and sad day.”

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St. John’s Church was organized in 1815 as an Episcopal congregation. Every president, starting with James Madison, has attended services at the historic national landmark.

Pew 54 is known as the President’s Pew and is reserved for the president’s use when in attendance at the church.

America is at war. Our enemy is well-coordinated, well-funded and well-connected. They are being protected by Democrat leaders, Hollywood elites and the Mainstream Media.

It’s time to put an end to the anarchy and save our cities. The National Guard should be federalized, dispatched to the war zones, and given orders to use whatever force is necessary to restore the peace.

And pray that firefighters are able to extinguish the blaze at St. John’s Church.