Angry Mob Burns U.S. Flags, Shoots Fireworks at Home of Memphis D.A.

An angry mob of “woke” thugs burned American flags and shot fireworks at the home of Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich on Independence Day. And most of the protest was live-streamed on Facebook. Click here to watch.

“This is our street mother f***ker,” one of the leaders of a group called “F**k Yo. Fourth” screamed at concerned neighbors. “Call the police. This is our street.”

The leader of the mob ordered people to use their cars to block off streets in the subdivision.

“Folks are going to have to talk to our marchers to get by,” he said. “You either come with us or go in the house.”

Video also showed the protesters shooting fireworks at the Weirich home. One organizer told people not film it — but KWAM obtained a screenshot.

The mob later gathered up American flags that had been posted along the walkway leading to Mrs. Weirich’s home and they were set up fire.

When they heard police approaching the thugs scattered.

“Amy this is a mild one,” a protester said as they fled the crime scene. An ominous warning.

This is not the behavior of law-abiding demonstrators. This is the behavior of domestic terrorists.