Atlanta Police Should Stand Down. Let the Mayor and NAACP Patrol the City

There is chaos in Atlanta tonight as raging gangs of thugs burn fires and shut down Interstates 75 and 85.

The lawlessness is in response to the shooting of a black man who attacked police officers Friday night at a Wendy’s on University Avenue.

Police had been summoned to reports of a man asleep inside a car blocking the drive-thru. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the man failed a sobriety test and was being taken into custody when he began fighting with two officers.

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At some point the man grabbed a taser and escaped. Video shows police gave chase in the parking lot. The man turned and pointed the taser at one of the officers. That officer fired his weapon killing the suspect.

The NAACP demanded that the city’s police chief be removed from office.

In response, the Atlanta mayor announced the immediate resignation of the city’s police chief. She also called the the immediate termination of the officer who killed the suspect.

Rioters are setting fires near the Wendy’s – and WSB reports the Wendy’s has been looted. Traffic is backed up for miles on both interstates.

Maybe Atlanta police officers should walk off the job and stand in solidarity with the police chief. Let the mayor and NAACP patrol the streets.