Austin Police: Don’t Call Us If You’ve Been Robbed

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If you are the victim of a crime, don’t call the Austin Police Department.

The police department there is now telling robbery victims to file an online report.

Posting a message on Twitter that any resident who gets robbed near an ATM should call 311 – the number normally used for non-emergency requests.

“Even if you are cautious & follow all the safety advice, you may still become the unfortunate victim of a robbery,” the Austin Police Department wrote on X. “Do you know what your next steps should be?”

“Make a police report & provide as much information as possible so we can recover your property quickly and safely,” the tweet suggested.

The Austin Police Association tells Fox News the department is facing a massive shortage of officers and they lack the resources they need to fight crime.

“We’re a growing city, a city that should be up around 2,000 officers and growing right now,” president Thomas Villarreal told the television network. “I’ve got about 1,475 officers in our police department and, you know, we’re moving in the wrong direction. There’s less and less and less resources to go out and do the job.”

It’s a problem that’s not unique to Austin. Many large and medium-sized citizens across the country are facing a shortage of police officers.

And Democrats are to blame.

All of the cities controlled by Democrats are dealing with historic crime waves. Policies like “Defund the Police” have led to a mass exodus from law enforcement.

Elections have consequences.

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