BEST VIDEO EVER: Watch Jewelry Store Owners Beat Living Daylights Out of Smash & Grab Thugs

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A gang of hooded thugs picked the wrong jewelry store to rob the other day.

Surveillance video, which you can watch below, shows a gang of would-be bandits attempting a smash and grab robbery at the Prince Bride Jewelry store in Huntington Beach, California.

Should store owners take action into their own hands when it comes to robberies?

The four men were armed with hammers and one managed to smash a jewelry display. But that’s when the store owner and several employees sprang into action.

“This is our family business, we wanted to protect,” store co-owner Sarah Vaca told television station KABC. “We feel very strongly about like, I guess like, protecting what’s ours.”

Video shows Ms. Vaca and two employees fighting back. One staffer got into a fist fight with two of the thugs while a female worker in high heels drop-kicked another bandit.


“It was very high energy a lot of adrenaline,” she aid. “I’ve never been in a fight before in my life, so that was crazy.”

Ms. Vaca can be seen grabbing a stool that she used to knock one of the criminals in the head.

It was a sight to behold.

“I was just looking for something heavy that I could use to help (them) the best I could with, and something that could deter them from continuing to fight us further,” Vaca said. “My brother ended up intercepting one of them, and actually clocked one of them in the face.”

At least one law enforcement expert criticized the store owners for taking matters into their own hands.

“No one in that store’s life is worth any diamond or watch or piece of jewelry,” Bruce Thomas told the television station. “They were very fortunate the criminals did not have any weapons, beyond what they used to smash that display case. If there was a gun involved, this could have turned out very, very differently.”

Well, had the store owners been armed I have no doubt the incident would have turned out very differently.

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