BULLETIN: Biden Admin to Deport Christian Homeschool Family

The Biden Administration has ordered a German homeschool family, who came to America legally, to leave the country. The move comes as the White House has turned a blind eye to millions of illegals invading the southern border.

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The Romeike family was forced to flee Germany in 2008 after they were persecuted by the government for homeschooling their children. The Germans levied fines against the family and threatened to take away their children. I documented the plight of the family for years when I was working at Fox News.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their five children eventually settled in eastern Tennessee and were granted indefinite deferred action status. The evangelical Christians were allowed to live, work, and remain safely in the United States without fear of deportation.

In the 10 years they’ve been in the United States, they had two children (who are American citizens) and two of their grown children have married Americans. They also have an American grandchild.

But a few weeks ago during a routine check-in with the American government, the family was ordered to pack their bags and head back to Germany. They were being kicked out of the country.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association says the Romeikes were given four weeks to apply for German passports so they could be deported.

“The family had no prior warning, and was offered no explanation, other than that there had been a ‘change of orders,'” the HSLDA said. “Deportation to Germany will fracture these families, while exposing the Romeikes to renewed persecution in Germany, where homeschooling is still illegal in almost every case.”

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So the Biden Administration is allowing thousands of rapists, drug cartels, murderers and men of military age to breach our borders, but they’re going to kick an evangelical Christian German family out of the country?

I reckon the president considers Christian homeschoolers to be riffraff.

Call your elected members of Congress and urge them to intervene on behalf of the Romeike family. These are good and decent people. These are the kinds of immigrants who make America great. Click here to sign a petition to keep the family in America.

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