BIZARRE: Strange Audio Message Told Nashville Residents to Evacuate Area Before Blast

Local reporters say a message was broadcast from unknown sources advising citizens to evacuate the area where an explosion happened in downtown Nashville.

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Witnesses told investigators they heard gunshots early in the morning and a message coming from an RV parked in the street warning anyone in the area to evacuate. Officers said they are looking into these reports, NewsChannel 5 reports.

A surveillance video camera captured the strange audio along with the moment when the explosion occurred. Watch below:

“All buildings in this area must be evacuated now,” the recording said in a loop. “If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

It’s very bizarre, folks.

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron told NewsChannel 5 that police received a report of a suspicious vehicle outside of the AT&T transmission building and upon investigating the report, officers called the hazardous devices unit. When the unit responded to the area, the vehicle exploded.