Black Tennessee Lawmaker Likens 9/11 to Lynchings

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State Rep. Justin Pearson, a radical leftist lawmaker from Memphis, is facing fierce backlash after he likened the Muslim terrorist attacks in 2001 to the lynching of black Americans.

“Today, we remember those we lost during the terror attacks on 9/11 and pray for their loved ones, the survivors, & the first responders,” Pearson wrote on Twitter. “We remember the harm of stolen land of native Americans to the lynching of Black Americans. We commit to #neverforget and to create justice.”

Pearson earned national attention after he staged an attempted insurrection on the floor of the Tennessee House chamber. He and two other Democrat lawmakers tried to get a mob to bully and harass Republican lawmakers into banning guns.

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Pearson was later expelled from the House due to repeated violations of the rules. And in doing so he became an icon for the perpetually offended, everything-is-racism crowd.

But even many of his supporters believe his comments about the Muslim terrorist attacks were over the line.

“I support all you do and I understand the sentiment here,” one critic wrote. “But I personally don’t think it helps the cause of injustice to add it to a memory of the 9/11 attacks. They are different historically and culturally, and I think they each deserve undivided focus/emotional remembrance.”

Another wrote, “One has nothing… NOTHING, to do with the other!! You’re nothing more than a Malcom X wanna be, race baiting racist! You along with your cohorts have and are destroying the once great city of Memphis!”

And another, “Why am I not surprised by this distasteful and disrespectful comment by you? You’re nothing more than an instigator who is also blasphemous. The comparison you have stated are in no way the same. Start with fixing your own city before slandering the deaths of thousands.”

“Are you for real? Horrible, and increasingly, unsurprising vitriol from you virtue signaling types,” said another constituent. “You take one step forward and then you just took 2 humongous steps backwards with that comment of yours. Way to go you racist piece of (excrement).”

Pearson is just another wannabe Malcolm X when in fact he was raised in a middle class home and attended an exclusive private college in Maine. A perpetually aggrieved victim.

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