Bookstore Sets Up LGBT Grooming Table for Kids

Among the books for kids is one titled, "The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish"

A bookstore in Memphis, Tennessee is facing outrage from families and conservatives after they set up a table filled with LGBT materials and story books designed for children.

Novel Memphis is the popular bookstore that made national headlines when they snubbed my newest book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?”

The “Pride Month” display was set up in the children’s section of the bookstore and included such titles as “My Guncle and Me,” “Leo and the Pink Marker,” “It’s Pride, Baby!” and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.”

Check out the photo I received from a KWAM News Radio listener:

Radio station listeners were horrified and disgusted by the bookstore’s display.

“Disgusting groomers,” wrote one radio station listener on X. “How is this appropriate?”

“Sick! Evil! Devil is working overtime in this country,” wrote another.

However, the bookstore does have lots of supporters from leftists who believe young children should be exposed to LGBT propaganda.

“I want my grandson to be up on everything,” said one KWAM radio listener. “And to be kind to everyone. All humans. He is soon to be 7.”

This is the same bookstore that refused to host a signing for my latest book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?” Memphis is my hometown and Novel Memphis was my home bookstore. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years at Novel Memphis. And I’ve given the bookstore free advertising time on the radio station I own. In other words, I have been a loyal customer.

But Novel Memphis hates conservatives and I suspect they refused to host the signing because of the content of my book. And especially because President Trump personally endorsed my book. They host signings for far-leftists like Beto O’Rourke, the fake Mexican, but not gun-toting, Bible-clinging patriots.

I will never shop again at Novel Memphis — especially now that we know the bookstore is actively engaged in grooming children. Click here to get my book.

Would you shop at a bookstore that actively promotes materials to groom children and introduce them to the LGBT movement?

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