BREAKING: FBI Investigated Dozens of Parents Over CRT, Mask Mandates

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A blockbuster report from House Republicans reveals that the FBI did in fact investigate dozens of parents who spoke out against local school boards. 

“This whistleblower information is startling,” Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mike Johnson write in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland. “You have subjected these moms and dads to the opening of an FBI investigation about them, the establishment of an FBI case file that includes their political views, and the application of a ‘threat tag’ to their names as a direct result of their exercise of their fundamental constitutional right to speak and advocate for their children.

That revelation stands in stark contrast to sworn testimony from Attorney General Merrick Garland that no such investigations had taken place. 

One dad who opposed face coverings was investigated because he fit the FBI’s description of an insurrectionist. In that case, the man had a lot of guns and according to the FBI that made him a threat. 

The National School Board Association had urged the Justice Department to read parents opposed to mask mandates and Critical Race Theory as domestic terrorists. 

Jordan exposed the jaw-dropping report on Fox News Channel.

If you’re a mom, you’re a dad, you’re a gun owner, you’re a Republican and you’re standing up for your kids, oh my goodness, look out, because here comes the FBI. And again, in a direct contradiction to what he told us under oath in the committee. Never forget this… remember how quickly this happened. Sept. 29, the School Board Association sends a letter to the Biden White House. Five days later, Oct. 4, Merrick Garland issues this memorandum that lays out, put this snitch line together, to go after parents. And then 16 days later, the FBI sends out the email that establishes this threat tag designation that was put on these parents. All that happened last fall in 22 days. When have you ever seen the federal government move that fast? So they move that fast because they were going after people… just like the Obama White House went after, and the Obama IRS went after, conservatives. Same dynamic here.

Fox News

It’s a shocking abuse of power and a direct violation of the Constitution. And those responsible must be held accountable. The FBI cannot be allowed to evolve into the State Police.

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