BREAKING: Nine Cops Wounded in Phoenix Trying to Rescue Baby

DEVELOPING STORY: Nine police officers were shot and one is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire Friday morning in Phoenix.

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Police Chief Jeri Williams said the officers were responding to a shooting at a home near 51st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. When one officer approached to help, the suspect opened fire, striking him multiple times, Williams said. 

Then when a baby in the home was placed in a carrier outside, more officers were targeted, police say.

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“As officers went to bring that baby to safety, the suspect continued to shoot, firing and striking four other officers,” Williams said. “At that time our officers returned fire. The suspect then barricaded himself in the home and right now our special assignment unit is taking the lead on this scene.” 

Williams said the shooting is “just one more example of the dangers our officers face every day keeping us and our community safe.”

“If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless, it doesn’t need to happen and it continues to happen over and over again,” she told reporters. “But I am thankful that our four officers are recovering and one of them is seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.”