BREAKING: Gun Fight Breaks out on Beale Street in Memphis; Police Caught in Crossfire

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A number of Memphis police officers were caught in the middle of a raging gun fight on Beale Street that left one person dead and two others injured.

An officer sitting in a patrol car was caught in the crossfire. He was uninjured, but his body-worn camera and his patrol car were hit by bullets.

The incident unfolded just after 2 a.m. when two groups of men opened fire on each other outside The Green Room, a popular live music venue on Beale Street.

“Officers, caught in the crossfire, returned fire at one of the male shooters,” the Memphis Police Dept. said in a statement.


One person was killed on the scene and two others were transported to the hospital where they are reportedly in critical condition.

Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis, who has been the victim of two crimes since she arrived in Memphis, was outraged at the violence.

“The Memphis Police Department is outraged at the senseless and brazen acts of violence that took place this morning in the presence of officers,” the chief said in a statement to television station WREG. “The proliferation of gun violence continues at epic levels throughout our nation; however, we are committed to bringing every resource to bear to end these critical incidents in our city. We will continue working and strategizing with our downtown stakeholders and city officials to create a safe and welcoming environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors.” 

Memphis has been controlled by generations by anti-cop Democrats. There was actually an effort last year to rename one of the city’s most popular streets in honor of “Black Lives Matter.”

The Memphis City Council, which is run by radical progressive Democrats, refuses to provide police officers the resources they need to fight crime. The city is facing a shortage of officers that numbers in the hundreds.

Local residents are disgusted and terrified to be living in a war zone.

“So now people are so brazen they do not even care that the police are there to start shooting at each other,” one resident wrote. I’m sure they were good boys with perfect parents and it had nothing to do with the gangster life style that so many people idolize.”

“It’s the Wild Wild West out here in these Memphis streets,” another wrote on Facebook.