BREAKING: House Democrats Defeat Republican Effort to Censure Maxine Waters

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House Democrats defeated a Republican-led effort to punish Rep. Maxine Waters for urging her gang of thugs to ramp up their rage on the streets of Minneapolis.

Democrats shot down House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s call to censure the radical Democrat by a vote of 216-210.


“We’ve heard this type of violent rhetoric from Waters before, and the United States Congress must clearly and without reservation reprimand this behavior before more people get hurt,” McCarthy said in a statement Monday.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise dodged a question from CNN when asked why Republicans believe Waters’ comments are worthy of censure but haven’t censured Brooks.”Look, a lot of people have talked about the comments that other people have made and spoken out against it, right now I haven’t heard any Democrat speaking out against what Maxine has said,” Scalise said.

“It’s time for Democrats to speak out when they see it on both sides. They only want to speak out on one side of the aisle, not both, and that hypocrisy, I think, is starting to shine through.”