BREAKING: Law Enforcement Investigating ‘Hot Mic’ Threat Against Sen. Marsha Blackburn

Law enforcement is investigating a Nashville school board member who threatened Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

Should charges be filed against someone who threatens lawmaker?

School board member Sharon Gentry’s voice was captured on a hot mic asking if “they” could set Blackburn on fire.

“Can we just go set Marsha Blackburn on fire?” Gentry said as reported by The Tennessean.

Ms. Gentry, who is a Democrat, was angry over Blackburn’s questioning of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Blackburn had asked Jackson to define a “woman” — In response, Judge Jackson replied that she did not know because she is not a biologist. 


The exchange caused a national firestorm of controversy — as the country grapples with a full-blown assault by transgender activists. 

Blackburn said on my national radio show that Nashville police are indeed investigating the threat – as well they should. 

TODD: [01:31:48] This is an important question because sooner or later, that question will be debated and will be argued at the Supreme Court, whether by a biological female who has been denied a spot on an athletic team or a transgender person. So it’s heading to the Supreme Court. And that’s why your question, I believe, was so vitally important. 

BLACKBURN: [01:32:12] Well, I thought it was also and that’s why I asked it. 

TODD: [01:32:17] Were you surprised by the vitriol? There was a school board member in Nashville who actually got caught on a hot microphone, saying, Can we just set Marsha Blackburn on fire? 

BLACKBURN: [01:32:30] Yeah. You know, as a conservative female and the most conservative member with both most conservative voting record of the U.S. Senate, I’m accustomed to having jabs thrown at me. It happens every single day and I get death threats. My family had threats of physical harm, and people just don’t seem to mind when it happens to a conservative female. They get very upset if they think someone challenges a woman who is on the left. So it’s disappointing to hear that kind of rhetoric, and we are, you know, law enforcement is investigating it, and so we’ll wait and see what happens. 

TODD: [01:33:19] So law enforcement? Are they investigating the Nashville incident? 

BLACKBURN: [01:33:24] Yes. Yes, they’re investigating the comments that were made in Nashville. 

TODD: [01:33:29] It’s just appalling, Senator. And you’re right. And for some reason, the left and especially the mainstream media they love to target conservative women. I think even more so than men. But the great news is you’re not going to be intimidated. You’re not going to be bullied and you speak the truth, and they just can’t handle the truth, as they said back in the day. 

Todd Starnes Show

Ms. Gentry needs to be removed from the school board and she needs to face some sort of criminal charge. 

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