BREAKING: Multiple Injuries After South Carolina Mall Shooting

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DEVELOPING STORY: Multiple people have been injured after a shooting at the Columbiana Mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Police say details are sketchy and many employees and customers are still sheltering in place.

Eyewitnesses say the shooting happened near the food court. Customers ran for covering, screaming and yelling as gunshots rang out.

Columbia Police Deputy Chief Melron Kelly told the Charlotte Observer that “multiple people have been shot, but there are no fatalities reported.”

“Eight people have been taken for medical treatment, but it’s not certain how many of those people were shot. Some might have been trampled after shots were fired, “Kelly said.

Casey Poole, 25, of Columbia, told The State he was with two of his friends inside the Buckle store where he was making a purchase. He and the cashier heard a sound for five to 10 seconds and thought it was raining.

“That’s when I saw everyone running for the (mall) exit,” Poole said.

Buckle employees inside acted quickly and locked their store doors to keep customers from going back into the mall, the newspaper reported.

“They (the employees) reacted very well and under control and locked it up really quick,” Poole said.

More details to follow.