BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court Orders Salon Owner Released From Jail

The Supreme Court of Texas has ordered Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther to be released from jail.

Luther, the owner of Salon A La Mode, was charged with contempt of court for violating a restraining order which directed to stay at home when she refused to close down her salon during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s hard to believe this happened in the United States of America,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. 

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Judge Eric Moye sentenced Mrs. Luther to 7 days in jail and she was fined $500 for every day her salon is open.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott modified his executive orders on Thursday to remove confinement as a punishment for violations.

“Throwing Texans in jail who have had their businesses shut down through no fault of their own is nonsensical, and I will not allow it to happen,” Abbott said on Thursday. “That is why I am modifying my executive orders to ensure confinement is not a punishment for violating an order.”