Celebrities, Media Defend Pedophile Who Attacked Kyle Rittenhouse

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Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next. 

Joseph Rosenbaum has become something of a celebrity among Democrats and the Mainstream Media. 

He was shot and killed after he attacked Kyle Rittenhouse during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Ana Navarro – one of gals on The View – urged people to think about the grief and anguish from Mr. Rosenbaum’s loved ones.

We have since learned that Rosenbaum is a convicted sex offender – a child rapist. The youngest of his five victims – just nine years old. 

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On the night of the Kenosha riots, Rosenbaum was chasing Rittenhouse through the streets. He threatened to kill the 17-year-old. 

Rittenhouse testified that he did not want to shoot Rosenbaum – but he feared for his life. 

The events of that night all captured on video – so the jury must decide whether Rittenhouse’s actions were reasonable. 

But one thing is clear – Joseph Rosenbaum picked the wrong child to prey on in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

I’m Todd Starnes